New Roof Construction for Dallas’s Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods

Roof Construction in Dallas - It's the Cherry On Top!

Roof construction for a Dallas property is perhaps the most essential feature of a new home. You've had someone construct your dream property from the ground up, and now you want to protect everything from the outside elements, including your family, possessions, and pets! The Dallas Roofers have put hundreds of new roofs on homes, and we're excited and eager to show you what we're capable of.

First, we will meet with you and your contractor to implement a plan. Then, we will review everything from roof design to materials and a timeframe for completion. Everyone must be on the same page to ensure the job is created seamlessly and without unnecessary frustrations.

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Why Hire Roofers for New Roof Construction in Dallas? Oh, Let Us Count the Reasons!

You're a handy enough DIY contractor, or you have friends or family members that have done some simple roofing projects before, so why not go that route? Of course, nobody wants to pay the cost of a professional roofer if they think there's a cheaper right. However, there are many reasons that partnering with a qualified expert is your best choice for your new roof.

  • The quality of work - certified contractors have the skills to produce better results than someone that's not experienced.
  • Included instance and warranty - materials are covered by manufacturer warranties, and additional warranties cover the labor provided - it's a risk-free expense.
  • Safety - climbing on top of a home is dangerous enough without maneuvering through the installation of a new roof. Roofing pros have the equipment and knowledge to do it efficiently and without incident.
  • Time savings - expert roofers can get a roofing service done in a much shorter amount of time.
  • Years of experience - experts are well-trained and have successfully completed this type of service.

If you're interested in learning more, please visit our blog. It's a sound, frequently updated resource for all residents of Dallas to utilize when wondering anything about their roof system. Then, give us a call for a FREE quote!

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Signs You Need a Pro for New Roof Construction in Dallas

You already have a contractor working on the development and construction of your home. Can't they handle the new roof construction in Dallas? Not always. Not all general contractors have the experience, knowledge, materials, or methods to do this more complex project. A simple repair, sure. However, the new roof construction is a lot different.

You need to call a professional, certified roofing company because:

  • Construction and replacement are entirely different - your roof is being installed over something existing when doing a replacement. You want the best when you have to do the underlayment, framework, and covering in a roof installation.
  • If you don't know what kind of roof you want, a professional will help guide you through the many available options. We will discuss them all, including metal roofing, wood roofing, asphalt roofing, plastic roofing, and so much more!
  • An experienced roofer will construct a new roof that's guaranteed to last. In addition, when experts do it, there's less maintenance, and you will have peace of mind it's done correctly.

Do you have some questions for our roofers? We're standing by now, eager and willing to answer whatever you can think of. It's a stress-free and straightforward process when you partner with The Dallas Roofers!

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The Dallas Roofers -  Installing Quality Roofs for Decades

Our business was established years ago, and over that time, we've developed our techniques, acquired the highest-quality materials, and established a reputation for delivering results.

In addition, we have everything you want in a roofing company:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Warranties and a satisfaction guarantee
  • Financing options
  • Specials and discounts available
  • Competitive rates

When you want to partner with the best roofing company in Dallas, you need to give us a call. Our friendly customer service team is standing by.



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"You won't find a more personable, efficient, & affordable roofing company that truly cares! I recommend The Dallas Roofers whenever someone is in need of a roof repair or replacement because they're the best there is."
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Explore the Numerous Roofing Services Available for Dallas Residents & Commercial Business Owners

We stand out as one of the most versatile roofing companies because of our wide assortment of services. First of all, we do the top-notch roof construction in Dallas we've been discussing here. However, we also do residential roof repairs, commercial roofing replacements, and so much more. It all starts with a roof inspection. If you think there's something that should change with your roof system, we will help you determine the best choice. We won't pressure you. Instead, we will give you options. Find out what yours are by picking up the phone and giving us a call now.

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Quality Roofing Materials

Popular Roofing Types at Affordable Prices - Request a Call from The Dallas Roofers Today!

Our roofers use only the best in roofing materials when building a roof at your residential or commercial location. Fill out our quick online form to get your custom quote, and we will speak with you soon! Call us at (469) 812-8500
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