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The Dallas Roofers are excited to present you with limitless roofing options for your upcoming project.

If you've started to explore the virtually endless and confusing world of roofing types and materials in Dallas, you're probably feeling pretty overwhelmed. It's impossible to know what's good, what's fair, and what's not going to last with so many varieties. Trust that at The Dallas Roofers, we do roof installations with only the best available.

After working as roofers for decades, we are confident that we know what superior roofing products look like, and we've tested A LOT. We eliminated the junk, and now we know that everything we work with is top of the line.

Start learning more about what your roofing choices are by calling to speak to a design team EXPERT! We're thrilled to partner with you on your upcoming home improvement.

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Asphalt Roofing in Dallas - It's More Than What You Think

Comfort, security, reliability, and affordability are just a few ways to describe our asphalt shingle roofing in Dallas alternatives. We have every color you can think of, and we supply you with different texture choices so you can create your own specific look.

Talk with us about your budget for a new roof, and we will match you with what fits. We also have financing options available if you need a roof repair in Dallas now but need a little extra assistance.

Our staff is standing by, ready to discuss everything when you're ready.

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completed slate roofing in Dallas

Slate Roofing in Dallas Really Turns Heads

We recommend slate roofing in Dallas for our customers who prefer a traditional look but want to take things up a notch. It's not a typical shingle composite material, but rather a gorgeous natural stone from Earth!

When driving by a home with a slate roofing installation, you will notice the color change depending on what way the light hits it. How modern does that sound?

Would you like to see it for yourself? Our team is excited to show you, so get in touch!

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Cedar Shake Roofing - Charm, Sophistication, & Class

Would you prefer a cedar shake roof in Dallas? Do you know just how stunning a finished roof replacement like this is? The skyrocketing property value and a boost in curb appeal are just two of the reasons why you shouldn't leave cedar shake roofing off your list of possibilities.

The rustic look is sure to make your building stand out amongst the rest. A Dallas roofing contractor from our crew is ready to draw up a design for you to see what a difference this material makes. Contact us now!

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roofer installing a metal roof in Dallas

Metal Roofing in Dallas Withstands the Most Powerful Weather

Our licensed and certified roofers are who to rely on when you want a metal roofing in Dallas service. We come and do a complete assessment to determine what type of metal roofing materials you need. Our selection includes:

  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvalume

Each structure is unique, and we make sure your roofing installation in Dallas suits the property. Find out the specifics when you schedule your on-site quote!

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Tile Roofing in Dallas Goes Above and Beyond Your Expectations

Tile roofing in Dallas is an exclusive service we provide to our valuable customers looking for top quality that they won't have to worry about for years. It stays put in strong winds, devastating hail, and it even resists fire!

Of course, the first question we hear is, how much does a tile roof cost? We can't put a number across the board because each job is customized to suit the needs of the customer.

Are you interested in finding out what a roof replacement in Dallas like this would look like for you? We're ready to help, just give us a ring, send an email, or fill out the instant quote form on this page!

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roofer working on a rubber flat roof in Dallas

Rubber Flat Roofing for Dallas' Commercial & Industrial Facilities

With the climate and conditions we experience in Dallas, rubber flat roofing is a conventional choice for industrial, municipal, and commercial locations. It keeps water from pooling, and it lasts a very long time without much roofing maintenance required.

Rubber flat roofs are resistant to mold growth, pests, and other problems commonly associated with our region. A qualified roofer in Dallas from our team will walk you through all the details. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

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Roof Coatings Builds Up the Level of Protection for Your Structure

Have you been experiencing roof leaks, but you're not ready to do a completely brand-new roofing installation just yet? Roof coatings in Dallas are your answer. We offer a silicone layer of material that gets applied over the existing surface that seals cracks to keep water out.

If dirt and mildew are a concern, speak to our professional roofers in Dallas about the acrylic roofing coatings we also have in stock ready to blanket your home or business structure.

It's a small investment to make that pays off big in the peace of mind and money saved from more costly roof repairs. Please fill out the form below, and let's get started today.

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TPO roof covering applied in Dallas
plastic roof installation on Dallas home

Top-Grade Plastic Roofing is Cost-Efficient and Durable

In Texas, we spend a lot of time outside, but sometimes, the benefits of plastic roofing for Dallas porches, outbuildings, and other structures are ideal for staying dry.

It's warm, but you want protection over your belongings. A plastic roof is affordable, durable, and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

This roofing replacement is quick and easy for our knowledgeable and skilled crew. We can have your new roof installed faster than any other roofing company in Dallas. Call now to get a customized estimate!

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